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RobertsPT creates customized plans based on our in-depth assessment to be completed in house and/or at home for golfers who desire to:

Play for years to come

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Reduce Pain

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Prepare for High School or College Golf

Increase Your Turn

Gain Distance

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Wade is as good as they come! He has a wealth of knowledge about the human body and what it needs in order to perform at the highest level. I appreciate his attention to detail and the game plan he builds specifically for me. I’ve noticed significant changes in both my body and game. Playing pain free is such a nice change of pace as well as the increase in distance off the tee!
I can’t recommend Wade enough! You will be amazed with what he can do for you!
Jay McBride

I started with Wade to address pain in my right hip and to better prepare my body for lots of golf in retirement. 3 months later, I have no pain in my hip and I am getting better at loading my right side in the golf swing instead of swaying and lifting back. Additional benefits of working with Wade – I can better turn to look over my shoulder when driving the car and my reach and kick is better when I am swimming.
Alanna Mozel

I went from playing golf everyday to not playing golf at all for nearly 7 month due to a common golf injury to the wrist known as De Quervains tenosynovitis. When the injury was at its worst I could not hit a golf ball more than 90 yards. I had gone to 40 PT visits with another therapist, had 2 cortisone shots and countless doctors visits. I thought my golf days were doomed. About 2 1/2 months ago I found Roberts PT online and figured I’d make one last effort at getting back onto the course. Today I can honestly say that my injury has turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to my golf game thanks to Roberts PT. Wade has been able to help me recover from my injury while at the same time he has helped me gain more power and mobility than I’ve ever had. I highly recommend Roberts PT! Wether you are dealing with an nagging injury or you want to improve your power and mobility, Wade is the guy to call!

Joe Williams

At 62, I’m certainly not getting any stronger or more flexible. I’ve been working with Dr. Bunce for two months and, in that short time, I’ve noticed increased flexibility, strength, and muscle tone. On the course, this has translated into, on average, 20 more yards off the tee and a comparable increase in distance throughout the bag. Clubhead speed has increased at least 5 mph. It’s clear that Dr. Bunce is an expert in both kinesiology and golf swing principles. He explains, in simple terms, what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how it relates to the goal – better golf. If you enjoy the game and are looking to improve, I recommend these guys.
Greg Drown

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