Back and Neck Pain/Golf Injuries

Back and Neck Pain/Golf Injuries

Back and neck pain are some of the most common injuries in golfers. Many golfers have given up on ever playing without back or neck pain, due to failed attempts at trying to fix it. However, the reason why so many clinicians struggle to fix golfers with these issues is that most of the time, while the pain is in the neck or back, the problem actually lies in the poor ability to move and rotate in other regions of the body, specifically the hip and thoracic spine regions. Not sure how well you rotate in the hip and thoracic spine regions? Click the link below to walk through at home how you specifically rotate compared to normal ranges.

Disc Bulge/Herniation



Facet Syndrome

Spinal Stenosis

Degenerative Joint Disease/Degenerative Disc Disease


Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Post Surgery - Fusions, Discectomies, Laminectomies


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