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Private Training

Our Commitment to You

  • Focus on furnishing mobility, strength, and speed
  • Emphasis on attributes impacting golf performance

Meticulously Designed Curriculum

  • Closely supervised training and guidance
  • Personalized 1-on-1 and small-group training options

Assessment Process

  • Evaluation by a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Tailored program based on performance, age, and objective

Semi-Private Training


  • Lower price point than private sessions (up to 71% less than private sessions)
  • Complimentary nutrition orientation with RobertsPT nutritionist Emily Matteson
  • Access to larger facility, increased equipment opportunities
  • Individual progress tracking and quarterly re-testing
  • Season specific

Motivational Setting

  • Increased opportunities to train = better, faster results
  • Increased Accountability
  • Semi-private setting allows for customized emphasis on form and structure
golf physical therapy training

Your Next Step

Spots are limited! Call or text Wade to sign up for any of our services or get your questions answered:

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I’ve been working with Wade for 2 months now and I’ve seen significant gains in my flexibility and lower body strength.

His guidance and workouts have helped reduce pain in my hips and dramatically increased my flexibility. He clearly explains the “why” for everything he has me working on and keeps things simple – he’s awesome to work with!

Tom Collins

I started with Wade after having lost some clubhead speed and flexibility over time. In just three months my flexibility has improved greatly, my strength is also improving. He has helped me turn that into 5 mph more clubhead speed on the driver and some great confidence in my game.

Ryan Fitzpatrick


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