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Dear Golfer,

Are you hoping to increase your turn without spending hours in the gym?
Gain at least 10 yards and outdrive your playing partners?
Play with less pain well into your 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s?
Not sure what the quickest ways to your goals are?
Curious to know exactly how well you rotate right now?

This Home Assessment is for you.

Once you’ve taken the assessment, submit your results and I’ll review them to prepare personalized recommendations for golf specific training and workouts to ensure your body is in the best position possible to play the game well with less pain and more distance.

Thanks for the opportunity to help you play for years to come.

Dr. Wade Roberts
Founder RobertsPT

Step 1: Learn

Before you learn HOW you rotate, you need to know WHERE you should rotate. In the golf swing, the body SHOULD rotate through these four mobile regions:

Cervical Spine


Thoracic Spine


Trauma, stress, food, and technique can all alter the normal pattern to these regions. We can help you combat or fight against any alterations working against you to restore normal patterns.

Normal Pattern:

Foot: Stable
Ankle: Mobile
Knee: Stable
Hip: Mobile
Pelvis/Sacrum/Lumbar Spine:  Stable
Thoracic Spine: Mobile
Scapulo-Thoracic: Stable
Shoulder: Mobile
Elbow: Stable
Wrist: Mobile
Lower Cervical Spine: Stable
Upper Cervical Spine: Mobile

Step 2: Assess

If you have ever in the past or are currently doing a physical program of any sort that wasn’t done after assessing your specific body objectively, you are just guessing/assuming you are like everyone else with the same common issues.

Maybe you are, but most likely you’re not.

As most adults don’t have hours to dedicate to training every day, the more targeted you can be to your specific physical needs, the more efficient you will be at hitting your physical and golfing goals.

Personal Note:

So often I see clients who have been working with another health professional or have tried multiple ‘forms of exercise’ and they come to me frustrated that they still complain of (fill in the blank) or are stuck at 80% of the way to their goals and can’t get over the hump of accomplishing the last 10-20%.

When I go through an evaluation and discuss what they’ve been doing, often times it consists of REALLY GOOD training and exercises…they’ve just been working on the wrong areas.

I can’t stress enough how the assessment is the most critical part of any training program.

You don’t know until you assess objectively.

Step 3: Take Action

Now that you have your custom results it’s time to do something about it.

You Have 2 Choices:

1. Do nothing, nothing changes.

You age, lose mobility and average 10 yards lost every decade at least…guaranteed.

2. Take a chance and change everything.

You age, gain mobility and average 10 yards gained in the first 12 weeks…guaranteed.


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