Should You Workout Before a Round of Golf?

Exercising before a round of golf is beneficial for performance and injury prevention. It's not about gaining strength but preparing the body. Read more for insights on how you can maximize your exercise routine to enhance your golf game.
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February 29, 2024

Many people have uncertainties about whether or not “working out” is beneficial before a round of golf. What exercises should you do for golf? How heavy should you lift? Should you even lift weights at all? Today, we will discuss and answer these questions. 

Working Out Before A Round

“Working out” is quite a broad word that encompasses many different exercises. Rather than asking if working out is beneficial, ask “what type of exercise is the most beneficial before a round of golf?”

Many professional and other high level golfers are often seen in the gym prior to their round. Not necessarily to lift heavy weights, but for more of an “activation” of the muscles needed during the golf swing. We will dive into this later. But long answer short, I do believe that performing some form of exercise before a round of golf is beneficial for performance and injury prevention.

What Is the Best Golf Workout To Perform Prior To Your Round?

Now that we know some form of “working out” is beneficial, we can now discuss what types may be the most effective. It is first important to understand what muscles and body parts are needed to effectively swing the golf club. The hips, core, upper back, shoulders, neck and ankles are joints that are primarily used when swinging. Therefore, warming up and activating the muscles that surround these joints (Glutes, obliques, rotator cuff, etc) should be targeted when performing a pre-round golf workout. This ensures the muscles and joints are properly warmed up in order to enhance performance and reduce your risk of injuring these areas. 

Exercises that can be done to effectively warm up the muscles and joints listed above may include but are not limited to: Active hip internal and external rotation, resisted side stepping, clam shells, bridges, leg swings, resisted shoulder rotation (in all directions), and squats. It is important to note that the rationale behind exercising before your round is not to gain strength, but to ensure your body is ready to swing a club, as mentioned above. Therefore, it is not crucial to lift heavy weights pre-round, but rather lighter weights with 8-12 repetitions and focusing on proper form – you should be in search of a slight “muscle burn” and avoid fatigue so that performance is not negatively affected. 


In conclusion, yes, it is beneficial to complete some form of exercise before your golf round. Not for “strengthening” necessarily. But, more for ensuring your body is getting the warm up it needs to effectively swing a golf club 70-100+ times to not only improve your game, but to also avoid injury. That being said, your time to gain strength, speed and power should be done on off-days or after your golf round. As it is crucial to lift heavy weight – just not right before a round of golf. Sometimes, a little direction is all it takes to ensure better performance and staying healthy on the golf course. Click here to schedule a FREE strategy call with RobertsPT Golf in Kansas City.

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