Best Golf Exercises for Seniors to Increase Club Head Speed

Learn why seniors lose club head speed and how to increase golf swing velocity with targeted training and a holistic approach. Read more for insights on muscle fibers, speed training, and injury prevention.
golf exercises for seniors
December 8, 2023

As golfers age, it’s not uncommon to begin noticing decreases in swing speed year after year. Consequently, decreases in distance will accompany reduced swing speed. Before you know it, you’ll begin contemplating moving up a tee-box in order to stay competitive and continue having fun on the course. In this blog, we will share golf exercises to start improving your club head speed and start hitting the ball further than you did 10 years ago.

Why We Lose Club Head Speed

Let’s first discuss the anatomy behind “speed”. The muscle fibers responsible for generating high intensity, powerful movements are called “fast-twitch” muscle fibers. These fibers might also be called “use it or lose it” fibers. Meaning if you aren’t purposefully using them through performing high-speed movements, they will wither away. The good news, however, is that through targeted training, individuals are able to begin recruiting these fast-twitch fibers back, enabling increased speed. 

Golf Exercises to Improve Golf Swing Speed

While swinging heavier or lighter clubs/objects to simulate the golf swing will help improve speed, it is also important to incorporate other forms of speed training to elicit the greatest effect. This might include medicine ball slams or rotational throws for the upper body, and plyometric training such as jumping, skipping, and side stepping for the lower body. It is important to exercise caution with any form of speed training as this type of exercise may carry a higher injury risk than some other forms of exercise. We recommend you complete this training under the supervision of a physical therapist or personal trainer to ensure safety. 

Holistic Training

It’s no secret that speed training is an effective way to improve club head speed. However, not everyone is suited for this type of golf exercises right away. For maximum benefit and safety, incorporating mobility, strength training, and nutrition along with speed training can enhance performance in the gym and on the course.

Start Now!

There’s no better time to start your training to improve your club head speed than the Winter months. RobertsPT, a Golf Physical Therapy and Performance Center in Kansas City, can help you achieve your goals this offseason. For a FREE call to discuss your options, click HERE!

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