Why You Experience Fatigue While Golfing

Learn why fatigue plagues your golf game and how to combat it. Discover the importance of strength and cardiovascular fitness, and get personalized training advice from Dr. Wade Roberts to enhance your game.
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November 2, 2023

The fatigue you experience during a golf round can not only negatively affect your golf performance but also begin to take away the enjoyment of the game. The good news is there are various ways to reduce this mid-round fatigue and lower your scores.

Why Do I Get Tired During My Round?

The fatigue that kicks in during your round of golf is most often a result of your physical conditioning or lack thereof. This fatigue can lead to decreased distance, breakdown of technique, and potentially even lead to injury. Golfers must possess the strength to withstand 70, 80, 90+ swings per round. Without a solid strength foundation, no matter your skill level, you will experience this undesired mid-round fatigue.

Your cardiovascular fitness may also play a role when fatigue sets in mid-round, especially if you’re a golfer who enjoys walking the course. A lack of cardiovascular endurance can have negative effects on your golf game as well – leading to soreness, decreased energy, and higher scores.

How To Decrease Fatigue

One of the best things you can do for your golf game is to incorporate a strength training regime into your weekly routine. Not only will this result in less fatigue on the course, but it will also decrease the risk of injury, improve distance, and lower scores – all leading to a more enjoyable golf outing.

While any sort of strength training can be beneficial, it is best to train and strengthen the same muscle groups that are required to swing the club powerfully. Here at RobertsPT, you will receive a comprehensive personalized training program to address any strength or movement deficiencies. Our golf-specific training programs have helped hundreds of golfers play pain-free, improve their distance, and promote longevity in the game. For more information, schedule a complimentary phone call and begin your path to better, more consistent golf.

Schedule a complimentary phone session to discuss your goals, or begin with a free home assessment to receive personalized exercise recommendations tailored to your specific areas of improvement, courtesy of Dr. Roberts.

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